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Is your “clean” water actually clean?

Indoor plumbing is an advantage of modern living. We turn a knob or press a button, and clean water comes rushing out. But is the water coming from your faucet truly clean? Research suggests that it may not be. Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal source, the presence of contaminants in your water is probable.

If your water comes from your local water authority, treatment facilities subject water to multiple cleansing cycles to make it potable. The issue with this is that chlorine is normally used to clean water, and chlorine itself is a contaminant. If your water source is a private well, your water may be contaminated as well. Turbidity, sediment, and hard water are all common problems with well water.

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  • Water Filtration Systems When you open the tap, you’re getting a lot more than the hydrogen and oxygen you bargained for. Rid your water of impurities with a filtration system.

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Compared to other countries, Americans are fortunate to have access to relatively clean water. Nevertheless, the water that gushes out of your faucets, showerheads, and refrigerators sometimes contain contaminants. Things like chlorine, pesticides, and animal feces can all lurk in your “fresh” water. Apart from making you sick, these contaminants can result in mineral accumulation in your appliances, premature aging of fabrics, and dull, dry skin and hair. If you wish to escape these and other pitfalls of unfiltered water use, call 844-899-9054, and let us tell you about our water filtration systems in Brea, CA.