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Ozone Water Purification

How Can Ozone Water Purification Help Your Chino, CA Home?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the Earth's atmosphere. It filters the sun's ultraviolet light and keeps harmful radiation from hitting our planet. But here beneath the atmosphere, ozone can help keep your water clean through ozone water treatment. Ozone is an oxidant, meaning it reacts with other substances and accepts their electrons. To use this process, ozone is first generated and then injected into water. Upon contact, the ozone begins oxidizing and eliminates contaminants like viruses, metals, and bacteria.

As ozone oxidizes organic material in the membranes of parasites, viruses, and bacteria, it ruptures, weakens, and kills their cells. This process effectively destroys contaminants. Ozone also oxidizes copper, manganese, and iron into solids easily filtered out by filtration systems or activated carbon filters. Via the process of oxidation, ozone water treatment systems can eliminate turbidity, bad taste, and foul smells from your water.

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What are the maintenance requirements for ozone water purification systems, and how often should components be inspected or replaced?

To prevent buildup and ensure proper ozone generation, ozone water purification systems must be maintained regularly. This includes inspecting and cleaning ozone generator components such as electrodes and tubing. Filters and air dryers may also need to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the system operating efficiently. The frequency of maintenance varies depending on usage and environmental factors, but it normally occurs every 6 to 12 months. Monitoring ozone concentration levels and system functioning is also critical. Manufacturers may specify precise maintenance and replacement intervals based on the system's design and usage to ensure maximum purification and lifetime.

What Are The Benefits Of Ozone Water Treatment Systems?

Ozone water purification is a tried and true water purification method. It was first used in Nice, France, in 1906, and is still considered one of the best methods for purifying water. Ozone water treatment is highly effective and instantly neutralizes viruses, parasites, and bacteria. This method is more useful than chlorine at eliminating contaminants and doesn't require added chemicals. Ozone water treatment also removes metals from water, and it does so at fast speeds. While other methods require lengthy periods to eliminate or reduce contaminants, ozone works in seconds. Furthermore, this method is effective with water of varying pH levels, making it suitable for any home or business owner.

Is Ozone Water Treatment Right For Me?

If you're considering ozone water purification, JIG Plumbing is here to help. This useful water treatment is sometimes employed by cities to treat and disinfect municipal supplies. Major drink manufacturers use ozone water treatment to create their products and to purify bottled water. Additionally, many homeowners opt to provide cleaner water for themselves and their families by installing an ozone water purification system. There are even ozone methods to sanitize ice machines and produce clean, odor-free ice.

If you're interested in ozone water purification for your Chino, CA home, we'd be happy to provide more information. We look forward to helping you enjoy clean water. Send us a message online or call 909-280-4331 today!

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