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Gas Line Repair

Keep Your Chino, CA Home Safe & Functional With Gas Line Repair

Natural gas is an affordable and widely utilized form of energy. It's often used to power stoves, water heaters, and HVAC units. While the risk of gas line leaks can be minimized with proper installation and regular inspection, there are still potential hazards involved with the use of natural gas. Fires, gas poisoning, explosions, and adverse environmental impacts can all result from a damaged gas line. Fortunately, gas leaks are not too hard to detect and homeowners can keep an eye out for certain indicators of gas line damage. Plumbing professionals also offer gas leak detection services.

The plumbers at JIG Plumbing offer gas line repair, installation, and gas leak detection. Whether you're looking to replace leaking gas lines in your home, need help relocating pipes during a kitchen remodel, or seeking to confirm if your suspicions are true with gas leak detection services, the team at JIG Plumbing is equipped, experienced, and ready to tackle your plumbing problems in San Bernardino County, California. With high ratings on Yelp, Google, and Home Advisor and over 20 years of experience in the industry, JIG Plumbing is the name you can count on for gas line repair in Chino, CA.

New Gas Line Installation

How Can I Tell If My Gas Lines Need Repair?

Though advanced methods are sometimes required to detect gas leaks, in other instances, leaks express themselves in more obvious ways. If you notice your gas bill is higher each month and there's no reasonable explanation as to why (i.e. using the heater more often in wintertime), you may have a gas line leak. Hissing sounds coming from pipes behind walls can also be attributed to leaking gas lines. Additionally, gas-powered appliances that fail to function (or do so improperly) may be experiencing an interrupted gas supply. If you have a gas-powered stove and red or orange flames, rather than blue, are coming from the burner, you may have a gas line leak.

If you know the location of underground pipes in your property, you can inspect the surrounding area for signs of damage. Dying grass and plants around your gas line may mean that natural gas is seeping out of your gas line and into the surrounding soil, poisoning your greenery. Finally, many individuals detect gas leaks by the foul-smelling stench of natural gas. In its original state, natural gas is odorless. However, a chemical called "mercaptan" is added to make leaks detectable, and mercaptan smells like rotting eggs.

Should you choose to hire a professional for gas leak detection services, plumbers use a variety of technologies to detect and treat gas leaks. Carbon monoxide detectors, refrigerant and combustible gas leak detectors, and other pieces of equipment can facilitate the detection of natural gas and other toxic gasses within the home.

Who Is Responsible For Maintaining The Natural Gas Pipes In My Home?

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that all gas pipes within the home are in good working order. Generally, you'll need to keep watch over the pipes between your gas meter and anywhere gas is being delivered into the home, including places like heaters, stoves, and other natural gas-powered appliances. Because natural gas is quite flammable, it's important to keep watch over your pipes' condition. Conduct regular inspections, and be on the lookout for corrosion, which is especially common in older homes. Although only a limited amount of piping is viewable (some are underground and others are hidden behind walls), you can help by checking connections with any gas-burning appliances as well as inspecting gas fittings outside the home.

Pipes that bring natural gas into your home are not yours to look after but are instead maintained by the company that deals with your state's natural gas infrastructure. However, the meter and all the pipes after the meter are the homeowner's responsibility.

Professional Gas Line Repair Serving Chino, CA

Corrosion is one of the problems most often plaguing gas pipes. The slow build-up of rust can weaken the pipe's structural integrity and potentially cause a natural gas leak. Caught early on, rust accumulation can be eliminated with a wire brush and hot, soapy water. After, painting and priming the pipe can help keep corrosion at bay. There are also protective fittings and coatings that can be applied to pipes, joints, and damaged areas to provide extra defense for your pipes.

Gas line repair, installation, leak detection, and other plumbing services are just a call away. The plumbing professionals at JIG Plumbing are licensed and insured and ready to help you keep your home safe and functional. Reach out online or call 909-280-4331 today. You'll be glad you did.

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