Plumbing Fixture Repair and Replacement

new plumbing fixture installation in Chino, CA

Let JIG PLUMBING Install all the Fixtures in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is outfitted with several fixtures that make your space functional and usable. Common bathroom fixtures include:


Bathtubs provide a place to get clean, and designer tubs can also serve as the space’s focal point. Ideal for older individuals, children, and those looking to relax, there are a range of tubs from which homeowners can choose. Opt for a stylish clawfoot tub or make life easier for aging parents with a walk-in tub. If you want the best of both worlds or if space is limited, consider a shower bath.


The commode, the loo, the potty — call it what you will. The fact of the matter is that toilets are an indispensable asset of modern living. Whether you want all the bells and whistles of a bidet with heated seats installed on a stylish one-piece toilet or are content to handle your business on a no-frills two-piece toilet, JIG PLUMBING offers a toilet installation to suit your preferences and budget. 


When choosing a sink installation for your home, it’s important to consider the shape, size, and material of the sink. You also need to think about how the sink will be mounted. Drop-in sinks fit into a precut hole in the countertop while undermount sinks emphasize the countertop. They are mounted underneath the counter and have no rim between it and the sink. Vessel sinks make a statement and sit on top of the counter. They are often made of glass or other stylish materials. Pedestal sinks have no counter around them.


A sink without faucets is incomplete. Choosing the right tap ultimately boils down to your design preferences. Single hole faucets fit on sinks with just one hole. While some models feature separate hot and cold water handles, single hole faucets generally have one handle connected to the spout. Vessel sink faucets are tall enough to sit over a vessel sink. They are usually sleek in appearance and allow water to gracefully cascade into the sink below. Center-set faucets are sometimes called “sink mounted faucets.” These installations combine the handles and spout on a single four-inch base unit. Widespread bathroom faucets have a handle for hot water, a handle for cold water, and a spout in the middle. As the name indicates, features on this fixture are set further apart from each other. If you’re after a modern aesthetic, a wall mounted faucet might be your thing. These faucets have a spout and either one or two handles mounted on the wall above the sink.

Aesthetic and Function Come Together with Bathroom Renovations by JIG PLUMBING

JIG PLUMBING is proud to offer assistance with bathroom remodels in Chino, CA. Our team can recommend, install, and repair bathroom plumbing fixtures. Whether you’re just ready to do away with your cracked, leaking, and stained toilet or looking to revamp your home with a total bathroom remodel, we work hard to provide quality work, fast installation times, and competitive pricing. Start enjoying the bathroom of your dreams with plumbing fixture replacement in Chino, CA.