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Water Filtration

What's Lurking In The "Fresh" Water In Your Chino, CA Home?

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal source, you may be surprised to learn that water coming into your home is likely contaminated with foreign bodies. Let's just say you're probably getting more than the hydrogen and oxygen you bargained for — and not in a good way. Things like chlorine, animal feces, pesticide runoff, and even lead can all seep into your home's "fresh" water supply. Water filtration installation provides an affordable and effective method of ridding your home's potable water of viruses, bacteria, sediment, and more.

Save the Earth and your wallet by investing in a water filtration system. Skip the bottled water, and instead, choose from an array of filtration installation options. In Chino, CA, JIG Plumbing specializes in the installation and repair of several high-performing water filtration systems and water softeners. Whether you're seeking to rectify low pressure and buildup issues caused by hard water or are interested in enhancing the taste, look, and smell of your drinking water, JIG Plumbing offers a filtration method that meets your needs and budget. Give us a call at 909-280-4331 to start your journey toward truly fresh water.

What Water Filtration Services Do You Provide?

There are a wide range of ways to clean and condition your water, as everyone's home is different and has unique needs. Some of the services we offer include:

Carbon Filtration Systems

Carbon filters work through adsorption. Contaminants are attracted to the surface of activated carbons and trapped within imperfections in the carbon.

Ozone Water Purification Systems

Ozonation of drinking water has stronger germicidal properties than chlorination and effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective methods of filtering water and can remove up to 99% of lead, asbestos, and 82 more contaminants.

Water Softeners

Hard water can cause minerals to accumulate in pipes, appliances to malfunction, and hair and skin to lose its sheen. Water softeners can help.

Clean Water Is Just A Phone Call Away!

If you want to enjoy water as it should be, you need water filtration installation. Whether you want filters in the kitchen or filtration throughout the home, there's a system to meet your needs and budget. The plumbers at JIG PLUMBING can help you pick and install the best water filter for you and your family. Connect with us online or call 909-280-4331 today!

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