Water Softeners

water softener

But first, what is hard water?

Hard water refers to water that contains large amounts of minerals, like magnesium and calcium. It’s most common in groundwater in places where gypsum and limestone are present. Although these minerals are not detrimental to one’s health, they can accumulate in appliances and leave scale residue on dishes. Furthermore, hard water reduces the efficiency of detergents and soaps and can cause skin and hair to lose its natural sheen.  

Several tests to measure the hardness level of your water are available. Hardness is rated on a grains per gallon (GPG) scale. A 7 GPG-rating generally indicates high hardness, and a water softener is recommended. A water softener in Chino, CA, will improve taste, look, and smell of your water and helps ensure that your appliances run well by removing calcium and magnesium. If you’re looking to filter your water of chlorine, bacteria, and other things besides calcium and magnesium, you’ll want to get a water filter as well. In Chino, CA, JIG PLUMBING offers a range of water softening and filtering options to help you get truly fresh water into the home.

How does a water softener work?

Water softeners are usually tanks with salt and resin beads that filter out calcium and magnesium. As hard water enters your home from a well or main water line, it travels to the water softener. Resin beads in the tank attract and trap impurities through the process of adsorption. Then, softened water leaves the tank and travels to plumbing throughout the house. 

Every so often, the resin beads in water softeners need to be cleansed of their impurities and “recharged” so they can continue collecting hard water minerals. This is where the salt comes in. A brine (salt-water solution) is created, and as it flows through the resin tank, the sodium is exchanged for hard water minerals that have been extracted from your now soft water. Known as the “water softener backwash cycle,” this process enables you to repeatedly use your water softening system.

Enjoy the Benefits of Soft Water

Water softeners are useful in areas where limestone and gypsum dominate the bedrock. The extraction of calcium and magnesium reduces “hardness” and results in:

  • Longer-lasting water-using appliances
  • Smoother, softer skin and hair
  • Improved water heater efficiency 
  • Less spotting on dishes and glassware
  • Cleaner, softer, and whiter clothes and linens

Our community has higher than average levels of water hardness, and many people use water softeners in Chino, CA. If you think you and your home might benefit from a water softening system, give the experts at JIG PLUMBING a call. Dial or text 844-899-9054 for more information.