Garbage Disposal Repair

stainless steel kitchen sink with garbage disposal

An Alternate Way of Dealing with Food Scraps

As their name indicates, garbage disposals are small units installed under your kitchen sink that dispose of garbage. Leftovers, citrus fruits, soup broth, and much else of what you put in your trash can go into your garbage disposal instead. Garbage disposals work by grinding food and mixing it with water to form a slurry that washes down your drain and into the sewer system. While these units eliminate the amount of stuff sent to landfills, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using your garbage disposal. Failure to use garbage disposals as intended can leave you with leaks, slow drainage issues, or a unit that won’t turn on at all. In Chino, CA, garbage disposal repair is a call away at 844-899-9054. The professionals at JIG PLUMBING can help repair or replace the disposal in your home. 

What foods should I avoid putting in my garbage disposal?

If you want your garbage disposal to operate efficiently and last as long as possible, you need to consider the kinds of things you put in it. Things you should avoid grinding in your disposal include:

  • Meat and bones
  • Coffee grounds
  • Vegetable peels
  • Starchy foods
  • Nuts and shells
  • Oil, grease, or cooking fat
  • Fibrous foods, like celery, pumpkin, and asparagus

On the other hand, soft or liquid foods, vegetables without peels, and fruits without pits can all be sent down the garbage disposal. But even if you own a disposal, experts suggest using it sparingly. The best method is installing a simple drain cover over the garbage disposal and using that to collect all the mess. Dump whatever you pull from the drain cover into the trash, and then, use your disposal to get rid of what the drain cover didn’t catch.

How can I tell if I need garbage disposal repair?

Garbage disposals sometimes get jammed whenever something keeps the disposal blade from turning. If your disposal is jammed, it will make a humming sound and result in slow drainage. Trying to cram too much food into your disposal at one time is one of the leading causes of jamming. Similarly, a noisy unit, especially the sound of grinding metal, might indicate that there is something stuck between the disposal blades. However, if your disposal is totally unresponsive, the reset button may have popped out or the electrical switch may need to be replaced.

A leaky garbage disposal is another reason for needing garbage disposal repair in Chino, CA. Sometimes, it can leak into the dishwasher, and other times, it may leak directly under the kitchen sink. Garbage disposal leaks are often attributed to worn out gaskets, flanges, or O-rings. It may also be caused by an improper connection with the dishwasher or drain pipe.

If you’re experiencing these or other issues with your garbage disposal installation in Chino, CA, be sure to reach out to JIG PLUMBING at 844-899-9054. We can help with a range of plumbing problems and look forward to serving your needs.