Water Pressure Booster Installation

bathroom faucet with low water pressure

Low Water Pressure — A Major Inconvenience 

Low water pressure is inconvenient. A water pressure booster installation increases the pressure and volume of water flowing from your tap or shower head. Water pressure boosters work by recycling the clean water already in the system and pumping it back through at higher pressure. Installing a booster pump enhances water flow to all areas of the home, including sinks and showers. If your home is experiencing low water pressure, it could be caused by a number of things. Sometimes, a water pressure booster installation can help. If you have low water pressure in Chino, CA, reach out to the professionals at JIG PLUMBING. 

How do booster pumps work?

Booster pumps take water in through the inlet, pressurizes it, and then expels it through the outlet. Similar to how the blades of a fan spin and increase air circulation, booster pumps use impellers to increase water flow and pressure. Water pressure booster installations typically go where a municipal water line enters a home or business. These units usually work with other components and pumps within the plumbing system to move water throughout the home.

Water Pressure Booster Installation in Chino, CA

Low water pressure can be caused by many things. If you’re running several water-using appliances at a time or running a bath and taking a shower, you’re likely to temporarily experience lowered water pressure. However, if low pressure is a persistent problem, you may benefit from a water softener. Calcium and magnesium from hard water can accumulate in your pipes and lead to lower water pressure. Similarly, leaks and clogged pipes reduce water pressure. 

While a booster pump won’t increase water pressure if hard water, clogs, and leaks are to blame, there are some instances in which a water pressure booster installation can help. If you’re struggling with low water pressure and want to know if you would benefit from a booster pump in Chino, CA, call JIG PLUMBING at 844-899-9054. We can diagnose the problem with your home’s water pressure and help you decide if a water pressure booster installation is right for you.