Main Water Line Repairs

water spewing out of leaking pipe

How can I tell if I need water line repair?

The main water line provides water to all the faucets, fixtures, and water-using appliances inside a home. The water line is typically buried underground and can be made from various materials, including PEX, CPCV, and copper. Despite being built to withstand much, metal pipes rust after being exposed to moisture in the ground for extended periods. And although PVC doesn’t corrode, these types of pipes are susceptible to other forms of damage, like tree root growth and long-term blockages. A leak left unattended can have serious consequences, so how can you tell if you have a leak?

If your main water line is busted, it often reveals itself through the low water pressure it causes. Sometimes, water from a leaking pipe is smelly and/or rust-colored. You might also notice the sound of running water even when no one is using the home’s plumbing system. Outside the home, you may notice cracks in your house’s foundation or puddles in your yard. Tree roots, corrosion, and freezing temperatures can all cause you to need water line repair as well. 

A leaking water line can cause flooding to your property or lower-lying areas of the house. If flooding does occur, you’ll also have to contend with moisture issues, including potential mold and mildew growth. Similarly, underground leaks create waterlogged soil that shifts and forces the pipes into new positions. This shift in position can increase the likelihood of further damage. Additionally, saturated soil can collapse, creating sinkholes in your backyard. Finally, a damaged water line can waste copious amounts of water each day, leading to increased water bills.

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