Slab Leak Detection

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What is a slab leak?

Slabs are a four to six-inch thick piece of concrete on which some homes are built. Residential plumbing pipes are often buried approximately one foot beneath the concrete slab. And sometimes, these plumbing pipes leak, corrode, or shift. Detecting damage within and accessing pipes buried beneath a home or building can be complicated. While there are many symptoms of a slab leak, plumbing professionals utilize an array of equipment that better helps understand the layout and condition of pipes beneath the home’s concrete slab. In Chino, CA, slab leak detection and repair are a few of the services offered by JIG PLUMBING. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry and can help you unearth and attend to problems with your home’s plumbing system. Connect with us online, or give us a call at 844-899-9054 to learn how we can help.

Differing Slab Leak Detection Methods

Although homeowners can’t visually check the condition of the pipes beneath their home’s floor and slab, there are several things that indicate the presence of slab leaks. Warped flooring or floors that are bubbling, have soft spots, or water stains can hint at possible slab leaks. Similarly, a noticeable gap between your flooring material and the wall indicates moisture issues. Slab leaks often cause mold and mildew to grow in particular areas of the home. Cracks in the home’s foundation and puddles around the base of the foundation can all point to a problem beneath your home. Higher-than-average water bills, lowered water pressure, and the sound of running water even when no one is using water are all signs of a slab leak as well.

In addition to visual and auditory clues, plumbers use equipment that helps them get a better understanding of the pipes below. Cameras introduced into the pipe reveal damaged areas while electronic amplification equipment helps professionals pick up on the sound of water moving inside or around a pipe. Electromagnetic pipeline locators give plumbers a clear picture of your home’s plumbing system, and tracer gas systems can help detect slab leaks as well.

Choose Chino, CA’s Slab Leak Detection Experts

If you’re noticing signs of a potential slab leak, don’t wait to call a professional. Failing to address leaks beneath your home can cause substantial damage. Instead, reach out for help right away. JIG PLUMBING offers slab leak detection and repair in Chino, CA. We are highly rated on Google, Home Advisor, and Yelp and are here to provide quality, fast, and affordable residential plumbing services throughout San Bernardino County, California.