Pressure Tank Repair and Installation

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The Purpose of a Pressure Tank

Pressure tanks are made to maintain pressure in a well water system. The pressure tank holds water which is released under pressure when a tap or water-using appliance is powered on. These well system components prevent the well pump from starting and stopping each time someone in the home uses water. Pressure tanks are critical in maintaining water pressure in a well water system and for elongating the life of the well pump. If your pressure tank is malfunctioning, you are likely to see certain indicators. Failing to hire a plumber for pressure tank repair could cause your well pump to fail entirely. Keep reading to learn if you’re seeing signs of pressure tank malfunction, and then, give JIG PLUMBING a call at 844-899-9054 for pressure tank repair in Chino, CA.

How do pressure tanks work?

As pressure tanks fill with water, the air inside them becomes compressed, resulting in increased pressure in the tank. When someone turns on a faucet, starts the dishwasher, or uses the water in some other capacity, water is extracted from the pressure tank. As water leaves the tank, pressure within it drops. When the pressure lowers to a predetermined cut-on point, the well pump activates and works to refill the tank. The well pump fills the pressure tank until it reaches a preset cut-off level, wherein the well pump cycles off and water is stored in the pressure tank for later use. And then the cycle repeats itself.

Pressure tanks are valuable components within a well water system that prevent the well pump from having to continually cycle on and off. Pressure tanks are available in a range of water-holding capacities, allowing you to select one that matches your water consumption needs.

What are signs of pressure tank damage?

If you notice a change in the look, smell, or taste of your well water, your pressure tank may be in trouble. Higher levels of hardness, sediment, iron, and sulfate can point to a compromised pressure tank. There’s also the chance of lowered water pressure when your pressure tank is damaged. Bubbles in the water, lower amounts of water yielded by the pump, or higher-than-normal electrical costs are also indicators that it may be time to call a plumber for pressure tank repair.

If you notice signs of pressure tank disrepair and don’t act fast, you risk burning out your well pump — a costly piece of equipment averaging about $2,000. Instead of neglecting issues, reach out to your local plumber. In Chino, CA, pressure tank repair is a call away at 844-899-9054. Call JIG PLUMBING today.