Sewer Line Repairs

cracked PVC sewer pipe revealing blockage

What causes damage to sewer lines?

Most sewer lines are buried 18 to 30 inches underground and face a number of opponents day in and day out. Raw sewage. Tree roots. Freezing temperatures. Constant moisture. All these things and more can cause your sewer lines to become damaged. Corrosion is another thing that makes pipes require sewer line repair. Although cast iron and steel pipes are galvanized to prevent rusting, calcium and magnesium buildup from hard water can lead to corrosion. Left unchecked, this corrosion causes leaking and cracking. 

Another thing that harms sewer lines is flushing the wrong things down the toilet. Avoid putting things like tampons, condoms, baby wipes, kitty litter, and everything except toilet paper and human waste in the toilet to prevent sewer line damage. Similarly, resist the temptation to pour fat and grease down the sink. While liquid when heated, fat hardens when cooled. Once it hardens, it sits stuck to the walls of your pipes. As other non-biodegradable things flow through the pipes, they get stuck to accumulated fat inside your pipes. With time, these clumps of fat and waste become larger and are referred to as “fatbergs.” Left unattended, fatbergs can totally restrict the flow of waste through sewer lines and result in ruptures, leaks, and backflow, as the water seeks to escape via another route.

Get Services that Don’t Stink. Choose JIG PLUMBING

A backed-up sewer line can be messy and smelly, and it can be a chore trying to pinpoint the exact cause. Nevertheless, it’s important to have a functional sewer line if you want your home to be sanitary and comfortable. Sewer lines can become damaged by a number of things, and becoming aware of damage isn’t always easy. If you notice puddling in your yard, you may need sewer line repair. A foul-smelling stench around your property can hint at the need for sewer services as well. Slow-draining tubs and sinks and bubbling toilets also indicate that you may benefit from sewer line cleaning. In Chino, CA, JIG PLUMBING offers sewer line repair and a range of other residential plumbing services. Give us a call at 844-899-9054 to learn how we can help.