Toilet Repair and Installation

Repair or Replace Your Toilet with JIG PLUMBING

The toilet goes by many names — the john, the can, and even the crapper. But no matter what you call it, one thing is for certain: toilets make life a lot easier and more sanitary. However, if your toilet is constantly clogging, overflowing, or malfunctioning in some other capacity, doing your business in the woods can start to seem like a not-so-bad alternative. But wait! Before you run into your backyard and start picking your toilet paper leaf, give JIG PLUMBING a call or text. Our plumbers are experienced in toilet repair and installation and can help you keep your porcelain throne functional. Our number is 844-899-9054, and we’re ready to take your call, so reach out today.

two-piece toilet installation in bathroom with peach-colored walls

How can I tell if toilet repair is necessary? 

Clogged toilet drains are one of the most common plumbing problems. Flushing baby wipes, tampons, napkins, toys, and other inappropriate items can cause clogs. Sometimes, a simple plunger is enough to get things flowing, but other times, a more in-depth solution is necessary. Larger clogs can cause wastewater to overfill the bowl and spill onto the bathroom floor, creating an unsanitary mess.

A continually running toilet can cost lots of money, sending more than 200 gallons of water per day down the toilet. A broken fill valve is most often to blame; however, worn-out flush valves, broken flapper valves, and corroded overflow pipes may also be the reason behind your ever-running toilet. 

A toilet that won’t flush (or does so improperly) also requires attention. The flush handle, also known as a “flapper” can detach from the rest of the upper tank system and prevent the flush mechanism from working as it ought. 

If your toilet wobbles every time you sit, don’t get downhearted and write off sweets for the rest of your life. You don’t need to go on a diet. You need to have your toilet fixed. Wobbly toilets are usually caused by loose screws or an improper seal. However, sometimes toilet wobble is caused by rotting or water damaged floors beneath the toilet. Call a local plumber, and they can inspect your toilet and suggest recommended repairs.

Reach Out for Help with Your Toilet Troubles

Many home and business owners take note that there is a problem with their toilet when the toilet flushes twice in a row, the tank takes too long to fill, or the tub and sink gurgle when you flush the toilet. If you’re experiencing these or other toilet troubles, don’t wait. We are highly-rated plumbers in Chino, CA, and can help you repair or replace your toilet, remove clogs from your pipes, help clean drains, and more. If you need a full-service plumbing company in San Bernardino County, California, you need JIG PLUMBING. Call 844-899-9054 to connect.