Gas Line Repair and Installation

outdoor kitchen with grill, dishwasher, mini fridge, and television

Power Your Home with a New Gas Line Installation

Many houses use gas-powered appliances. Things like stoves, water heaters, HVAC units, gas fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens and grills can all require natural gas as their source of energy. When installing a new gas line or replacing an existing line, accurate sizing of the pipes is crucial to ensure that every appliance gets as much gas as is necessary for optimum performance. In fact, the length of the gas line is a major determinant in the cost of running a new gas line.

Whether you need a new gas line installation or an extension, our gas line specialists can provide the assistance you need. All new gas line installations in Chino, CA, require permits and inspections, and we can help with all facets of this process. If you suspect a gas leak in Chino, CA, we also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services and will dispatch a plumber right away to ensure you and your family stay safe. Send a text or call 844-899-9054 to get started on your gas line installation or repair with JIG PLUMBING.

The Goodness of Gas — Reasons to Install a Gas Line

Gas lines are favored because, even if electricity goes out, your gas-powered appliances will still function. Because gas service is delivered via underground pipes, they are not as vulnerable to storms and natural events as exposed electrical lines. Natural gas is also three times more efficient than coal-powered electricity production. As electricity travels through transmission lines, it loses power, and only 26 to 38 percent of generated electricity actually makes it into your home. With natural gas, more than 90 percent of the energy ends up in your home.

Many cooks prefer gas-powered stoves since they respond immediately when the dial is turned up or down, making temperature easier to control. These types of stoves and ovens also heat up faster than electric ones. Gas-powered stoves are more affordable than electric ones and can accommodate a range of pots and pans, making gas-powered ranges preferable for many individuals. 

Certified Gas Line Installation Professionals

Advanced training is required for someone to become certified in the installation and repair of service gas lines and natural gas appliances. Hiring a dedicated professional with certified training credentials ensures that everyone stays safe during the gas line installation and after. Our plumbers precisely calculate pipe sizing, perform gas line installation, and then test pressure to make certain your gas line installation is safe and meets San Bernardino County building code and industry standards. Call us at 844-899-9054 to learn more about our gas line repair and installation services.