water leak on basement floor

How can I tell if I have a water leak?

Leaks aren’t always dramatic. Sometimes, they are subtle and scarcely make themselves noticeable. But there are certain signs home and business owners can look out for if they suspect a leak. Common signs of leaks include:

  • Higher than normal water bills. If your water bill increases for no apparent reason, you may have a leak somewhere in the home. Even minor leaks can waste several gallons of water each day. One way to tell if there is a leak is to check your water usage when no one is at home. Write down the numbers on the water meter before you leave and check them again when you return. If the meter has moved at all, you have a leak.
  • Lowered water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by faulty valves, sediment in your pipes, and water leaks. When there’s a crack in your pipes, less water is able to make it through your pipes. A sudden decrease in water pressure, even when no other fixtures are being used, suggests a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.
  • Mold and mildew growth. Unaddressed leaks result in mold and mildew growth. Besides being unattractive, mold causes upper respiratory issues and aggravates symptoms in those with allergies and asthma. Mold can grow as a result of moisture or standing water.
  • Water stains on ceilings. Discoloration or dark spots on your ceiling can signal a water leak. While stained ceilings often point to leaks in the roof, if you have a bathroom upstairs, the leak could very well be coming from the bathroom above.
  • Blistering paint or peeling wallpaper. If you’re seeing peeling or blistering on your wall, it’s likely that a leak has been going on for quite some time. Because drywall and wood absorb moisture, you may need to reconstruct the entire wall.
  • Damaged flooring. If your floor is stained, warping, or has soft spots, a leak under the floor may be to blame. Loose tiles or caulking that peels and cracks can also signal a leak.
  • Sagging ceilings. Sagging ceilings are sometimes caused by roof leaks or leaky pipes. Discoloration often accompanies sagging ceilings. If you notice a sag in your ceiling, it’s important to contact a professional immediately as total collapses are possible.

Professional Water Leak Detection in Chino, CA

While there are many ways to visually detect leaks, plumbers use advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location of leaks within your plumbing system. If you suspect a water leak in your Chino, CA, home, call the professionals at JIG PLUMBING. We use a range of leak detection products to precisely locate and repair leaks within your plumbing system. Give us a call at 844-899-9054 to learn how we can help.